Telecommunications & NBN Approved Design Preparation

Cartel Communications offers the Design, Installation and Certification of Developer Obligated Third Party Pit & Pipe on customer property to meet Carrier and Council requirements.

Our Team can create custom AutoCAD design drafts to fulfil Third Party Pit & Pipe construction concepts as well as NBN Approved designs for submission for your service applications.

Our extensive involvement with the construction of Carrier infrastructure and a strong understanding of the standards and requirements gives us the ability to provide accurate and clear layouts.

We also provide amendment variations and “As Built” plans on conclusion of works to obtain Practical Completion sign off from NBN.

Documentation Preparation

With the recent changes to legislation regarding subdivision of properties, we can assist with the provision of the Forms 1 & 2 documentation for submission to the local council.

We work in with you to fulfil the network carrier’s requirements and prepare the paperwork applicable to your development to ensure successful lodgement and a smooth transition for your subdivision.

Telecommunications Pit and Pipe installations including 3rd party pit and pipe

In order to provide infrastructure for the delivery of Telephone and Data services to your next project, we are fully equipped with Civil Excavation Service Trucks and specialised Operators, Spotters and Labourers.

Our crews are highly experienced and trained. We conduct underground service location surveys prior to all excavation works, our methods of installation include Open Trenching Excavation, Hand Digging where necessary, Trenchless Grundomat or Nematic Boring, Directional Boring and Non-Destructive Earth Removal & Vacuum Services.

We install network infrastructure for Residential and Commercial Properties as well as for a number of Network Carriers such as Telstra, NBN, TPG, Pipe Networks, Optus and others.

We provide an End-to-End, Pit & Pipe network solution for Developers, Builders & Owners for New, Refurbished and Existing properties alike.

Telecommunications Cable Reticulation and Internal Wiring for NBN.

The delivery of telecommunications services requires the reticulation of cabling infrastructure from the network to the Point of Attachment, with the introduction of NBN there exists a need for structured cabling, patch panels, Distribution Frames and Internal Data Points and Phone Sockets.

Our company has been involved in Structured Cabling solutions for over 25 years and have experience in both Residential – Single House Pre-wiring up to Multi Unit Apartment Buildings and Commercial projects such as retirement villages shopping complexes and large offices.

We possess the skills and expertise to establish smart and adaptable structure cable solutions to future proof pathways for the provisioning of the telecommunications services to meet all specific needs and requirements both presently and in the future.

We have an extensive background in network infrastructure haul & joint of Copper Distribution Cable from the carriers Network Exchanges, Pillars & Others network distribution points as well as reticulation and splicing of Fibre Optic Cables.

Cabling and Patching Solutions

Cabling solutions may be as simple as the connection of a single computer to an internet modem using Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables.

Patching solutions allow multiple computers and other devises to be connected together via a centralised "network" panel.

Cartel communications offers a whole solution with sourcing of equipment, installation of your internet, computer and networking systems.

We provide all your internet and data cabling needs including the following:

  • Data points
  • Cat 5 or Cat 6 computer cabling
  • Fibre-cables
  • ADSL setup and installation
  • Patching solutions
  • Racking & Hubs
  • External pit & pipe infrastructure

Cartel Communications will coordinate and implement a network with the latest and the most stable equipment and once all connections are installed, you will be able to connect to the internet using your preferred carrier.

Pre-Wiring and Phone Points

Renovating or building a new home can be stressful and the last thing people think about is their telephone wiring. No matter how large or small your installation requirements are, Cartel Communications can tailor a full solution to meet your every need, including:

  • Telephone connections
  • Digital & Pay TV Cabling & connections
  • Trenching Connections - Underground & Aerial, New & Existing Buildings
  • Pre-Wires for Unit Developments, New Homes & Commercial Developments
  • Additional Telephone Sockets & Relocations
  • Fibre-Optic cabling

When building a new home, the last thing people think about is their Telephone, Pay TV & Internet wiring. The most cost effective and least disruptive option is to have these cables installed and connected whilst the construction is at 'Frame Stage'.

The benefits of Pre-Wiring your home or business is simple:

  • Cheaper to complete prior to plastering of internal walls.
  • Not seeing any messy cables. All you see is faceplates where you can plug various devices such as your Telephone, TV, modem or Computer.
  • Save major cost that can be incurred doing this work after you move in.

Cartel will liaise with your builder on your behalf to ensure that we get into your site at the right time, to complete all your necessary phone, data point cabling and pre-wiring. Our site supervisor will keep you informed at all stages including dates/times that works are to be completed.

Process for Connecting to the NBN network:

  1. When your home reaches frame stage we will assist you ascertaining what services you require, for example, the number of telephone points or internet locations.
  2. We log the job details into our system including the job timelines.
  3. The job is allocated with the appropriate equipment to complete the job. Upon arrival at the site an assessment is done and safety plan established.
  4. The house is pre-wired which involves the running of cable within the house frame and wall cavities.
  5. Using specialised digging equipment, a trench is dug from the nature strip to the house enabling the laying of conduit to run the cable pairs or fibre optic through.
  6. We then access the network in the street to find the allocated cable pairs. We haul cable form the street pit to the house. We then connect to the cable used in the house pre-wire.
  7. The work site is cleared and any reinstatement done, then safety equipment removed.

    Existing Homes

    For existing homes cables can be installed using existing pipe or ducts, and our experienced technicians will discuss the options you have at your home.

    No matter how large or small your installations requirements are, Cartel Communications can tailor a full cost-effective solution to meet your needs.

Digital FTV, Pay TV Cabling & Installations

Digital Free-to-Air Television (FTV) is the sending and receiving of moving images and sound by discrete (digital) signals.

Australia has moved to digital broadcast signal:

  • It's important that Australia keeps pace with worldwide changes in technology
  • Australian TV shows need to be recorded in the digital format to be easily exported overseas
  • Turning off the analogue signals will free up space that could be used for other community services
  • Picture and sound quality on digital TV is better and it can be seen in widescreen
  • You'll still have the same free-to-air channels, plus some new ones, so you'll have more choice

In order to become digital ready, you may need to upgrade your TV antenna or even all of your cabling, buy a new flat screen TV, or simply add digital set-top box to your existing TV. This will allow you to maintain access to free-to-air television services in your area.

At Cartel Communications we offer full digital service installations from Coaxial cabling through to full digital and cable TV points. We can pre-wire your new home or office to accommodate total entertainment and communication needs. We can also help you relocate or add additional TV outlets if you decide to change your home around.